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At places which people visit for enjoyment, or to discover more about their heritage, the choice of words is vital. So is the way words are set out on panels, on paper, on timber or on stone. We work with designers to make sure that what we write, people read. As a result, they may nod wisely, smile, furrow their brows or even wipe away a tear.

Words help people to understand why the place they are visiting is important. Our interpretation in words helps them to create their own interpretation in their minds and to construct their memories. Usually our words are there to be read; sometimes they are for listening to.

We have prepared chosen words for a long list of clients – for many different uses at sites and in publications. We like to work with local languages and dialects, to speak with a local accent. Illustrations are often important – adding another dimension to what we write.

Look at recent work to find more examples of commissions we've undertaken and we can let you have more if you contact us. Many are in blank or rhyming verse or in very condensed prose. We enjoy the economy of words that this style of writing demands and try to maintain the same discipline when writing text.

The felling of the forrest is the making of the home
Bennachie Forest provided a
good opportunity to work closely with environmental artists