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Writing is in my blood but it has taken much of my working life to move from being someone who writes as part of his profession to being a professional writer. It is a matter of quiet satisfaction to have been accepted as such by both the Scottish Arts Club and the United Arts Club in Dublin.

However, I prefer the term wordsmith – I employ words as a drystane dyker uses selected stones, placing them precisely to serve a purpose elegantly, ingenuity subsuming creativity rather than vice versa. In that sense, I think I am a craftsman rather than an artist.

In order to pursue my belief in the continued power of well-honed words, despite the depredations – and challenges – of texting (how easily English lets us create new words), I established QuiteWrite as the banner under which I could create prose and verse that would arrest, amuse, tease and please rather than simply ‘describe’ or, better still ‘explain.’

Whether or not I always get it quite write is for others to say.
Many of my personal interests, including those in language and place-names, are embodied in my work but I travel overseas as much as I can, and have a particular affection for Berlin, San Francisco and Carcassonne. I enjoy my grandchildren, lively company and good food, and working with all my colleagues in Interpret Europe, which I chair.

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Michael H Glen