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Loch Leven Heritage Trail

For the Loch Leven Heritage Trail, we composed six ‘fragments’ now carved on the rails of a bridge over a ‘cut’ built to provide water for downstream industry:

 Sturdy Leven bridge, braced over working water
 Sluice-curbed Leven cut, carved out for working water
 Snaking Leven river, replaced by working water
 Languid Leven loch, lowered for working water
 Thirsty Leven mills, maintained by working water
 Fertile Leven lands, left free from working water

We also wrote about 25 couplets for carving into specially-designed benches like the one shown during installation. The benches are at various locations around the Loch. Here are four of the couplets:

The fisherman’s friend is the flirty fly,
fickle food for fleeting fish

Skeelie hurlin an cannie birlin
focht unfurlin fortouns frae curlin frost

Ducks dabble, geese gather, swans swoop,
ducks dive, geese gobble, swans swank

Wee gallus quackies hae bonnie feasties
oan snails an flees an wee black beasties