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Bennachie Forrest

Our poetry and more enigmatic prose often take the form of one line statements. At Bennachie, 12 of these were used to 'brief' sculptors to produce installations for Forestry Commission Scotland. Here are six:

 The face of the city is the heart of the mountain

  The tumbling of waters is the teeming of life

  The calling of the cuckoo is the other side of Spring

  The felling of the timber is the making of the home

  The harvest of the spruce is the start of letters home

  The silence of the woodland is the sound of calling birds

Leitir Fura

Forestry Commission Scotland gave us free rein, at the abandoned community of Leitir Fura on Skye, to use poetry, on around 20 'signal signs', that evoked the life and surroundings of the peple who lived there. Gavin Parsons of Sabhal Mòr Ostaig provided the Gaelic interpretations. Here is one example:

fashioned from the seeds of lost ice,
broad-rooted on layered red stone
from a distant era of hot sands,
and truncated to satisfy the dead
gods of shiphulls and bobbins
in southern lands.

bho shiol deigh chaillte
leathan-freumhaichte air clach fhillte dhearg
bho linn chian de ghainmhich theth
agus geàrrte gus diathan marbh
shligean-luingeis agus bhoban a shàsachadh
an tìrean deasach.